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The total area covered by Canada is 3.855 million square miles. This enormous size makes Canada the largest country in the western hemisphere and the second-largest country globally. It is cleaved into six time zones. It is a sparsely populated country. Canada is the 39th most populous country in the world. Ottawa is its capital, and Toronto is the largest city in Canada. It has the longest non-military border on the earth.
Even its coastline is very elongated. Due to its proximity to the north pole, Canada is one of the coldest countries in North America. The United States of America is Canada’s only bordering country. The official currency of Canada is the Canadian dollar ($) (CAD). French and English are their official languages.
Study in canada
Canada is diverse and multicultural since many immigrants travel to Canada around the year. The people of Canada are pretty sportive and active. People playing various nautical sports here like skiing and ice hockey are pretty renowned. The fact is Three oceans surround Canada, the Pacific in the west, the Arctic in the north & the Atlantic in the east, which entirely affect the climatic conditions of the country as well as its ecosystem. Canada has produced a lot of talent. Several famous actors and singers are from this country, like Justin Bieber, Pamela Anderson, and Jim Carrey are just a few of many.
If you have an ardent passion for nature, Canada is your calling, for it covers 40% of the forest area out of its total land. The glorious beauty will never cease to mesmerise you with its awe-striking charisma. Canada has the second-largest forest cover. It is also embellished with various national parks, which soothe your eyes like nothing else. Canada has the world-famous Niagara Falls, whose gurgle of water provides immense tranquillity. We can find thousands of lakes here. This country is rich with abundant natural resources. The people of Canada are humble and hospitable. The most beautiful natural phenomena of the northern lights are memorable ones. The country has its own rich culture, heritage and history. The famous monuments like CN Tower (Toronto), Chateau Frontenac (Quebec), Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse (Nova Scotia), and Lake Louise (Alberta) are worth exploring.

Reasons for Study in Canada

One of the most well-known countries in the world is Canada. There are ample opportunities for pupils to study in Canada as they have a high acceptance rate for international students. It has a better quality of education and has a globally-reputed education system. The universities in Canada are trustworthy and excel in their job of teaching in the best possible way.

Studying in Canada might seem like Pandora’s box initially, but as one proceeds, one is bound to stumble upon dynamic opportunities in career, job, and personal growth. By seizing these opportunities, you can flourish and attain your destiny. There will be a balanced life that one can lead here.

Educational technologies in Canada make learning facile and fun. The student can facilitate their research by making apt use of the university’s technologies and educational facilities. Canada is one of the most highly-developed nations and has a gigantic economy which impacts the trade at the global level. As a result, we can stumble upon well-developed infrastructural amenities.
Owing to the multicultural diversity of Canada, you can meet with people across the globe and widen the horizon of your contacts, as networking is the most crucial part of today’s dynamic world. It will also help you give up any orthodoxy or prejudice prevailing in your mind.
Compared to other countries, one can live a superior life in Canada. It has a robust standard of living. Conducive climatic condition is another feature of Canada. Additionally, this year in 2022, Canada has been termed the 15th happiest country globally. Canada is one of the safest countries in the world. It is also the most preferred country by every resident.
After looking upon so many reasons to fly to Canada and pursue your dream, one may become hesitant and anxious because of the budgets that bind our limits but don’t you fret, folks for Canada is cheaper than other countries and has affordable accommodating services. Hence, it is a budget-friendly country without any qualms.

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