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Studying in Europe provides information about study opportunities in 34 European countries. These countries participate in Erasmus+, the EU’s program supporting students from the EU and partner countries worldwide to study in Europe.

Today Europe is a highly selected destination for higher studies with the uniqueness of each country.
All of you who think about studying abroad should try from Europe: each country is unique, steeped in history. There is always something new and electrifying to discover, regardless of the study destination.
Besides, you will inevitably learn a new language, know the various dimensions of the culture and what’s most exciting is that you can visit some of the world’s best attractions. European universities deliver study programs either partially or entirely taught in English. The thrilling news is that more and more top universities from all the regions of the European Continent introduce English-taught courses each year.
Study in europe

Reasons for Study in Europe

The best-ranking universities provide a wide variety of study options that are English taught. Local language classes at all levels are also available. European diplomas are recognised across the globe. More information about all your academic options in Europe can be found on the country page. Please get in touch with us for detailed information on courses and scholarships from universities in Europe.
International students coming to Europe can see the fantastic diversity available to them (both inside and outside the university) while smoothly delivering coursework, qualifications, and research opportunities.
European higher education institutions provide vital support to help your education. European higher education institutions will support you for the entire tenure of your studies overseas. These services can include airport transfers, university orientation programs, accommodation, mentoring, and other activities‚ÄĒeverything you need to help you settle into your studies and surroundings.
In Europe, you will discover multilingual people having diverse cultures and traditions. In the EU alone, we have 23 official languages. Its landscapes and nature are unmatched around the world. And thanks to the provisions of the Schengen Treaty, you may travel throughout most of Europe with only one visa.
Europe is also a great continent to live in: 12 of the world’s 20 happiest countries are here! (Source: World Economic Forum)
Studying abroad doesn’t have to stress your budget; sometimes, it can even be a more affordable alternative to looking in your home town. So whether you’re worried about tuition fees or living costs, there are European countries where you can find an affordable study experience while also getting an excellent education. You can use Numbeo to compare living costs in any country in Europe and beyond.

Comparing costs-of-living is helpful if you consider moving to another area for work or retirement, as costs will differ depending on the location.It’s beneficial when travelling internationally to compare international locations because a comparison compensates for exchange rate differences.

What makes us unique is that we gather information for the cost that we do calculate our cost of living index from students like you… That’s why we need your help to keep prices accurate and up to date.

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