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  • Decision-making

    The student becomes coherent enough about their decision to study abroad through our expert answers.
  • Counselling and guidance

    We are furnishing you with information about further requisite steps to your goal.
  • Budget finalisation

    A student plans all the processes in the most conducive budget available at this stage.
  • Country selection

    Opting for the apt country as per your convenience.
  • Tests

    You are registering for the required exam to be given for foreign studies. E.g., IELTS, GRE etc.

  • Loan approval

    It was aiding you to get a loan at affordable rates and get it sanctioned.
  • Submission of applications before deadlines

    We are here to rescue you from how to apply, where to use it, and when to apply to what to apply for.
  • Procuring offer letter

    We will keep you updated about your admission process from start to end so that your offer letter is fetched for you as soon as possible.
  • SOP and Visa submissions

    This is the most important and most challenging step but doesn’t worry, for we will help you out in this too!
  • Accommodation amenities and buckling up to depart

    Even after reaching your desired destination, we will assist you with accommodation facilities and living expenses.
  • Turning an intangible dream into tangible reality

    Edussphere Consultancy will also look after your travel arrangements on being approved in all the above steps.

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